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    This past weekend was a weekend of DC Art and Fashion, and I’m usually a person who enjoys Fashion more than Art but let’s be serious it’s DC… I was more inspired this weekend by great minded people than actual work and merchandise. Their lifestyles and knowledge really enlighten me but it wasn’t alluring enough to buy. I attended Nomad Yard Marketplace opening and DC Art All Night; great events, really got a lot of in site about life, guess that’s better than any type of purchase!

    What led me to Nomad was the brand Soul.eil I knew they were going to be there! I had no clue what I was getting myself into I thought I was simply going to see one or two brands and be about my business… Nope! To my surprise I ended up attending an epiphany lol, now this place isn’t for your everyday folk this is for individuals that have a eye for eclectic and cultural things. Everything had a story and a journey, it’s a place where you will find one of a kinds in people and merchandise. If you get a chance to go I suggestion you do it, it was better than going to a Smithsonian Museum lol. If you are an eccentric, artistic, open minded person who loves quality, culture and vintage this is the place for you! Check out their tumblr for more juice

    Part II of my weekend was attending DC Art All Night.

    It was crazy in a good way and a bad way the event basically had art exhibits all around the city that people could attend for free from 7pm-3am . DOPE IDEA! It was all types of Arts theatrical, musical, mixed media, they even had Silent Disco…there was sooo much; I wanted to see it allll! But the issue with me seeing it all was poor planning, I felt like their maps and shuttles weren’t helpful, the galleries I was trying to find were very hidden and by the end of the night I was frustrated. From what I did see, it was ok but I was very disappointed I couldn’t see all of it because of horrible planning and navigation…

    Other than that, Saturday night was also the Black Caucus Ball, I stumbled across that while I got lost in the city on the search for art exhibits … got some inside juice that there was over 2,000 people at the Ball, President Obama was there, and he made a beautiful speech. I wish I could of attended, but I did get to see President Obama leave! Also seen some gorgeous gowns and impeccable suits and bow ties. I wanted to take more pictures but I didn’t want them to think I was some type of Paparazzi. lol

    Overall my weekend was killer crazy fun, inspiring and liberating but I really believe DC can do better in so many ways but that’s another rant for another day!!! Let’s bring more life to DC!

  • WEEKEND RECAP: How my weekend got started

    It started out with the search to see Soul.eil brand, I’ve been following them for some time and I finally got to see there collection in person this weekend! A while back I wrote a piece on them pretty much about how I like them and it was unfortunate I missed there launch, but they came around again for the Nomad Yard pre-shopping event and I wasn’t going to miss out

    This brand has been seen in Nylon magazine as “you oughta know” and they’re are absolutely right I’m anti-vintage at this point in my life but they’re an acceptation honestly I feel like there pieces are more cultural. They’re true vintage rather than the new era of vintage which honestly is thrift and recycled. Check them out link below

  • #MCM: Will.I.Am

    This Monday my male crush is Will.I.Am, this dude….I love him I love him I love em!!! He so innovative and doesn’t give a fuck about filtering, boundaries nor criticism; his belief system in himself is borderline crazy lol. A visionary that doesn’t apologize for his creativity or give up on his visions, nothing stops him… I wish I could be like Will.I.Am or even be in his presents so we can exchange energy maybe some of his wisdom will rub off on me lol. To have the entire world question you, your work and look at you like you’re crazy but you still manage to shut shit down takes a lot of “Will” power, and I admire that. He’s an artist that genuinely cares about what he creates like he’s not a hype beast his artistry is really apart of him like a lim it’s forever attached to him.
    Could you imagine having a conversation with this man? probably would blow my mind lol …but I don’t think most people even understand quality anymore; sooo it probably wouldn’t phase any basic mediocre waste of a life to have a conversation with such a great being. #openyourmind

    Good Morning Mr. Will.I.Am 😉

  • Power lips!!!

  • In for the kill

    There is death in my eyes and fire in my heart this burn will ignite a revolution watch me closely because when I go in Im going in for the kill. Fuck what you thought just woke a beast Im ready for my feast all of yall heads on my dinner table. No fucking mercy the beast is alive you thought that shit was okay watch me closely because when I go in I’m going in for the kill. Have ya ass paranoid like “am I next?” shaking things up like an earth quake ain’t no saving this foundation after the earth shake feel the shift, cause the tide is coming in reaching for the moon while I’m drowning you Ain’t nothing going to save you because when I go in I’m going in for the kill. Father forgive me but they don’t know what they just did.


    She can do it all… But can I?

    There’s so many things I can do but even with my super powers, the ability to do anything I put my mind to. I still choose to listen to others advice of what is best for me. I realized I’m in search of order in my life so I seek out those people that I think can put order in my life. Every time I do that I find my self in situations that I don’t want to be in. Like a yes man I say yes go along and halfway through I realize this isn’t what I want …new things are so alluring to me I have to make better choices. Weighing the pros and cons before I take a leap of faith which is probably why I have so little faith… Used it carelessly. I’m not that person to stick it through after I’ve realize it’s not what I want not even for the sake of just finishing it, nope won’t waist another drop of energy. I guess this is what happens when you have no order but how do I gain order?

  • SZA Babylon


    Not enough sacrifices for success….

    Giving up your sleep, your time and your comfort, are you willing to give up those things for success?
    Okay so to my new understanding in order to be successful you need to give up sleep. Sleep can determine success? I say bullshit it’s productivity that determines that … Quality will always be greater than quantity. It’s what you do with the time when you’re awake. Do the most with that time if you aren’t, then why even be up? Obviously you can see I’m a person who love sleep which is such a taboo these days “oooh your going to sleep your life away” well you’re doing it awake and plus you’re burn out and tired. On top of that the quality of work that you produce is obviously mediocre just crash rejuvenate and get back to it. These day sleep is a luxury even the rich and famous can’t get any. On top of my love for sleep I am an unorthodox sleeper when most people sleep from 8pm-6am that’s my prime time I choose to do work I usually sleep 5am -11am with naps mid day. That’s natural to me and I created a lifestyle that let’s me live that way. For so long I was confined to society’s clock over time I took every opportunity to change it. I’m sleeping how I feel is best for me if it’s not good enough for success well sorry it’s not a sacrifice I’m making …Next!

    When it comes to time I don’t mind focusing my time on success I can sacrifice my time… That I’m awake lol

    Okay to sacrifice comfort is tricky because what I’m comfortable to isn’t what most are comfortable to. Most people are comfortable to things they know or have seen over and over …that’s not me I’m comfortable to the new, to change, to things I’ve never experienced before. Routines and the same ole is very discomforting to me I’m not a robot or a machine, nope nope nope! I like adventure and challenges, but they say to be successful you need to get out of your comfort zone; so does that mean I need to go in to a predictable routine? …Ummm no I’ll pass on that sacrifice too.

    The only thing I am willing to sacrifice is the care of everyone’s advice of success and perfection and the cheat codes to freaking grand theft auto lol I am done with the advice!! fucking live your life the only thing I need to listen to is my gut and intuition God gave me, it’s there for a reason and when I sleep I have dreams that guide me through life I’m not talking about dreams as in goals that you make up for yourself I’m talking about premonitions sooo I know I’m ok and I’m going in the right direction all I want in life is love and liberation, have a life of fulfillment!

    Simply ask and you will receive!