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  • Okay so this weekend I went to party with Future Trey Songs and Fabulous at Park at 14th, for the Homecoming Weekend! Above are my two oufits I wore. The Grey dress was what I saw Fabulous in and the two piece is what I went to see Trey and Future in lol πŸ˜‰
    Dress: Necessary Clothing for $40.00
    Top: Necessary Clothing for $40.00
    Skirt: random boutique $25.00
    My style: Priceless

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  • If you missed out I feel bad for you like DC this weekend was the source for life lol a star studded weekend in my city I loved it had so much fun partying networking and being around beautiful people lol but here’s a glimpse of a small part of the cities pandemonium that happened this weekend


    Not that I attend Howard University, I’m just a simple city girl living in DC… But when it comes to college Homecomings the city or town is known to turn up! Specially Howard seeing its a well known HBCU, a lot of great people attend or have attended, so you have Alumni, Fraternities, Sororities, Celebs and everyone else from all over that come to the city to have a good time.

    That’s exactly what I did I started my week off with bar hopping Thursday night it was crazy, drunk people are always hilarious, Friday afternoon attended Howard’s Yard festivities got to see a lot of cool styles and met some wonderful people.

    This guy right here hands down took the cake for most eccentric style he had a cool energy about him too!

    On Saturday I attended Howard’s Football game and Tail Gating ran into some more really cool people

    Love her blue suede booties matched with her plaid dress and the coat went perfect!

    I didn’t get to attend to many of the college events I missed out on the Fashion Show but I heard it was boring soo I’m some what glad I didn’t go, but my Instagram feed is showing that it may have been a good show!

  • This hairstyle is nothing new its just a retro pin up do I love it more on Natalia but its cute on Bey… this will be my next do but more like Natalia’s than Beys with some cool color. #inthemaking

  • Heeey New York you missed me!

  • they magicians out here playing tricks. You want to play house with no damn house what you an illusionist no not me sir I might be a modern day boss but Im definitely an old fashion lady I want titles and rights to everything all or nothing. #mcm #allgrownup

  • Im only a challenge to the weak and a gift to the strong. #fbf


    She’s the sweetest Diva on the planet with her humble grace and angelic voice Kelly Rowland seems to be a beautiful person. Through all her drama and life’s trial it’s great to see a woman of her nature winning, she’s blessed with a beautiful family, still looks great and wishes to her bouncing back after having her bambino! Aaaaawww


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  • There’s about 36,500 days in a 100 year life span the average human lives about 28,000 days… Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed nor can yesterday be repeated … More on #redundant #brainpower #livelife